About This Project


MELODRAMA project is an installation placed in the Jelcz Laskowice city park, turning it into a huge festival stage. Red chairs ( leading visual identity of the festival) are arranged on a grid in the entire Park, create a huge audience of festival participants as well as a meeting place for the local community. In other parts of the city the same chairs divide it into the amphitheatre. During the Festival the entire city is turned into an audience of the shows presented in Jelcz.

It took a long time for students of the Technical University of Wroclaw to collect all these chairs. They were searching for unwanted furniture in schools, bars and restaurants. Chairs restored a modicum of freshness covering them with a thick layer of new paint. Today red chairs still function in many homes of volunteers and participants of the Festival, moving the spirit of Melodrama to private spaces. For the purpose of the Festival there was also another installation created on the main pedestrian street of Wroclaw. It was not only to promote the festival, but also to get at feeling of upcoming performances.


temporary architecture