About This Project


Real architecture, honest as it was built, changed to a joyful object. Now you can understand modern architecture and have a great fun at the same time!

HAJO will guide you through the fascinating ideas of architects giving you a great pleasure of playing with your own unique house.

Enjoy it and Let the home live it’s own life!


HAJO is a series of doll houses based on unique architecture presenting high quality design and a fresh point of view.

HAJO No.1 it is a house designed for friends by architect Jan Szpakowicz in 1972.

Unique building located in the middle of the forest. Two floors of it, separated from each other present different character of space. The ground one being sourrounded by sloped terrain, contains living room, hall, kitchen and a bathroom. All functions are defined by design of construction walls here. The second floor, for a change, consists of 3 separated bedrooms – wooden boxes surrounded by big terrace. 3 staircases lead to them from the first floor. As construction walls seamlessly connect with surrounding terrain, whole building become a part of the forest.


Wooden construction, easy to assemble. Some parts of the model are movable, so you can open rooms, roofs, doors as well as look through the ceiling into the living room. The entire first floor is also removable, which allows you to play in the ground floor. All of tha helps to understand how the building was design and how it worked during everyday live


Package contains all elements needed to construct the building, trees, furniture, assemble instruction and book describing the house on the basis of which the model was created with pictures of how it look/looked like and short description of the author.

Size: S50 x W50 x H22cm
Material: Plywood
Weight: 1.5kg

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