About This Project


Project created as 7th part of Archi­box (cyclical event of the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław). It was supposed to be, in the assumption of the curator, a pavilion, that is not only a café, place of relaxation and socializing, but also kind of „attractor”. Place for debates, exhibitions, screenings, concerts, etc. The main challenge was to create maximally functional space, keeping in mind the context. Thinking about all of that we created open, undefined structure in which user was able to determine the function of particular elements. Simple boxes based on a square grid having three different heights, compiled together in various ways, created spaces with a very different character and functionality. The modularity of the project allowed us to manipulate with the shape of final structure between trees and shrubs, so that it was possible to came very close to the surrounding nature

Finally pavilion was used by a wide variety of users. From the playground, the place of practicing parkour, to the shelter for the homeless. It was a BASE for cultural events during summer 2016.

small architecture, temporary architecture